August 27, 2016



Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to monitor the assets that may be fixed or movable. The GPS tracking system is helpful to the organisations in maintaining the fleet as it gives the alerts during every critical situations. This system to capture the vehicle activity is useful to the organisations for effective fleet management. The system is useful not only to the business users but also the common people who wish to track their location during their travel. The system monitors the fleet location through the satellites that are integrated with the GPS tracer to produce the results for every second. The system gives the graphical status of the fleet like its speed, location, idle timing etc so that it helps them to respond to their customers within short span of time.

How it works?

The working of the GPS tracking system is simple to analyze and use. The system consists of the established connection with the satellite that is used to monitor the activities of the real time objects, fleet, or a living being. This system is less expensive and is beneficial in long range to its users. The initial step in this is to place the GPS tracking device on to the material that is to be tracked. It is then connected to the host server that is used to get the monitoring information. Currently our globe has more than 25 satellites to monitor the objects through this GPS based tracking system. We the material starts to do its operations, it commences to analyze and report the status by tracking. This system gives an ultimate advantage to the organisations and people who are using this system.


  • The GPS gives the real time visibility about the performance of the objects.
  • In commercial point of view the system, it monitors and control all the activities associated with the fleet through detailed reports from start to end.
  • This system helps to increase the driver performance by adding security and also aids them with the better navigation to reach the destination on time.
  • The fuel consumption can be minimized through this system. This system gives the way for effective fleet management at reduced cost.


Tracer is a contemporary solution that is used for effective management of the vehicles. The organisations prefer this solution as this system integration gives a key to the success of their business. This real time monitoring system helps the efficient management of the fleet by giving out the details of the fleet for 24/7. It gives the information all about the fleet from its location, ongoing route, speed etc instantly to the host server that is used to record the information.


  • It gives security by monitoring the fleet for 24/7.
  • The organisations can manage the economy spent on fleet efficiently.
  • The performance of the drivers can be increased drastically.
  • The reporting process helps to acknowledge the fleet owners to think logically for effective fleet management.
  • The maintenance and calculation of miles covered by the fleet can be managed easily.
  • The complete visibility of the fleet is provided to the owners on real time basis.
  • This system helps to respond to the customer requests faster as it tracks every movement of the fleet.