August 29, 2016

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

The fleet is considered to be an important asset of the organisation. The efficient management of the fleet stays as an important role of the organisation in order to transport their goods efficiently.  The GPS enabled vehicle tracking system helps the business owners to manage the fleet with any manual intervention. The integration of this software system into the fleet management system helps the fleet managers to grasp the high end business functionalities. The implementation of this tracer solution helps to increase the economy of organisation thereby increasing productivity. It stands as an optimized solution to have the control on the organisation’s asset. The system is compact thereby increasing the capability of the various operations of the fleet. The customised system stores all the information about the fleet so that the concerned authorities use it makes the changes.

The fleet management systems are becoming popular nowadays since the GPS incorporated maintenance provides better support for the organisation. In Qatar, the fleet management is used by most of the organisations as they stand as the important operation to be handled. The Doha which is enriched with the variety of business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, commercial transportation, petrochemicals, crude oil production etc concentrate on the fleet management system in order to give out effective transportation. The remote control feasibility supports the efficient fleet management from any location in order to have live tracking of route. The system not only supports the organisation but also the customers to track the delivery of their ordered products which reduces the time and increases the service functionalities of the business organisation.

What do you get through fleet management system?

  • The GPS enabled system tells the exact location of the fleet, its speed, longitudinal point on the real time basis.
  • The system provides the enhanced safety and security to the driver’s thereby increasing their capability.
  • The system helps the organisation to respond quickly to the customer requests thereby establish long term relationships.
  • The fleet monitoring system helps the business organisations to have an eye on the fuel level so that the economy spent on fuel can be balanced.
  • The FMS not only looks after the route optimization but also the internal functionalities of the fleet through the various sensors that help them to correct the flaws on the fleet easily.
  • The scheduling decisions on how to logically utilize the fleet capabilities can be analyzed based on this system.
  • The automated system not tracks the operations of the fleet but also reduces the paper work in gathering the information on the fleet.
  • The single application platform reduces the interference of multiple software applications to manage the business operations on fleet.



The automated system reduces the manual maintenance of the fleet functionalities. The system supports to report all the activities carried on with the fleet so that it would help the organisation to think uniquely for increasing the capabilities. The cost of maintenance can be reduced in such a way that it helps the business owners to focus better on all the fleets of their concern.


The system reduces the usage of multiple software systems in managing the details on the fleet. The GPS enabled SAP fleet management system connects to the host server throughout the entire operations for 24/7 giving updations at the pre-determined time period.


The SAP solution helps the drivers through the efficient route planning scenarios. The GPS system provides the shortest route to reach the destination so that the time and effort to reach the location can be cut down.  The optimized solution gives some time to verify the route before starting to move on with the specified route plan.


The system not only tracks the location of the fleet but also takes care of the fuel level in the tank. The sensors attached to the fleet monitor the fuel level during running and at idle state. The system therefore gives notification when the fuel level goes down and notes a separate record on the filling and usage of fuel for the distance travelled.


The system stores the details of the various location travelled by the fleet for every day so that the organization can be able to maintain the efficient records on the capabilities of the fleet. The system also consists of the separate system that tells the issues related to fleet during the travel so that it can be easily rectified.



The automatic system gives notifications through SMS/email through which the concerned authorities can take right decisions. The notifications are sent during the critical situations through which the recovery of the issues on fleet can be done. The system also sends notifications during the start and end of the travel through which the organisations can judge the delivery of products.


The system helps to predict the fore coming issues in order to avoid disasters. The system gives alerts during the minor problems based on which the preventive measures can be taken at the early stage in order to avoid the serious problems during the travelling. The system looks after all the parts of the fleet so that it gives predictive alerts easily.


The automatic system eliminates the paper work in order to provide efficient results. The optimized process gives out interactive reports on timely basis that makes the business transportation to be carried on in the profitable path with zero breakdown happenings.


The effective fleet management system reduces the unwanted amount spent on fleet operations. It paves the way for efficient equipment maintenance, purchase, fuel cost, and other relevant expenses so that the revenue of the organization goes towards increasing criteria.


The opportunities of the fleet transportation can be increased through the implementation of this software solution. The scalable solution removes the obstacle on the management of small or large number of fleet so that the quality service is increased promoting more business opportunities.