August 27, 2016

Fuel Monitoring Solutions

Fuel Monitoring System

Fuel monitoring system is considered to be an important task to be managed by the organisations as high economy is spent for the fuel. The GPS enabled fuel monitoring system helps the organisations to manage the revenue spent on the fuel. The integration of this customised solution helps the business authorities to manage the logically manage the various aspects associated with the fuel. The electronic fuel flow sensor incorporated with the tank of the fleet monitors the fuel flow for every second thereby giving a detailed report. The efficiency target can be fixed so that the monitoring process can be done to analyze which vehicles reach the accurate efficiency. The Fuel monitoring system can be used with any kind of fuel and there is no restrictions on the fuel it can be diesel, petrol, LPG Gas, biofuels etc.

In Qatar, Doha the business like petroleum, oil & gas, petro chemicals, crude oil, fertilizers, construction etc have to use their transportation for delivering their commodities to the customers. In order to have the efficient transportation the fuel should be monitored in such a way that there should not be wastage of fuel during vehicle motion and at idle state. The system analyses the fuel level so that there cannot be any illegal usage on it. The solution gives the reliable and accurate results on the fuel consumed by the fleet at all the time.


The fuel level sensor is fixed onto the fleet whose fuel consumption is to be monitored. The system does not affect any other functioning of the vehicle rather it checks only the amount of fuel being consumed. This system starts its operation as soon as it is being fixed and sends the report to the host server that is used to analyze the fuel level. This simple system works in an organized form thereby making the usage of fuel in the considerable amount. This system therefore helps to attain the benefit of decreased economy to fuel and helping the system to be stable in all the critical situations.

Why it is needed?

  • In order to reduce the operational cost of the fuel the FMS would be a great solution to balance the fuel economy.
  • The FMS helps the organisations to increase the productivity by increasing the number of trips through efficient monitoring of the fuel level.
  • The efficient monitoring system helps to balance the time as it gives the statistical reports on the fuel consumption.
  • The FMS greatly increases the security to the fleet and its fuel avoiding its illegal usage like theft.
  • The drastically increase in the fuel consumption are reported immediately by the system so that the concerned authorities can take right decisions.
  • The fuel level sensing gives the alert when the fuel level goes down in order refill the tank.



The fuel monitoring system helps the organisations with the detailed report for every action done by the fleet. The reports help the business authorities to take the actions accordingly so that the fuel consumption can be controlled in an efficient method. The on time reports help the management to have better inventory control so that the economy of the organisation can be promoted.


The efficiency level can be set in the system so that it notifies the stipulated business authorities to take decisions on how to improve the productivity of the vehicle. This system monitors the fuel level remotely and assigns the efficiency report so that the loss of fuel can be easily highlighted.


The security of the fuel is enormously increased with this system. As this system secures the fuel for 24/7 it gives peace of mind to the users thereby increasing the performance of the drivers.


The FMS provides a unique identification number to the fleet as well as to the drivers so that it helps to identify the fleet easily when there is large number of fleet for maintaining their fuel. Through this approach it promotes for the authentication purpose to the fuel monitoring system for the reports management.


The Fuel monitoring system fitted onto the fuel tank takes care of the end to end process going on around it so that the system takes care of the operations that are associated with the fuel management like air, pipe in which the fuel flows etc so that the waste spilling of the fuel can be managed effectively.


The designing of the fuel monitoring system is very much important as it plays the major role in monitoring what happens to the fuel. The designing should be very much compact so that the varying temperature of the fleet can be effectively managed.


The FMS gives out reliable reports on the fuel usage so that the organisations can implement this process since it has a simple design and produce accurate results through sensors. The reliable sensor also sends the reports on the malfunctioning of the whole process engaged with the monitoring system.


The system have the complete control over the various operations carried on with the fleet so that the activity logs are maintained separately in order to save the amount spent on the fuels. Through this approach the efficiency can be managed increasing the number of trips per day as it calculates the exact mileage that can be covered by the fleet.

The fuel monitoring system is considered to be an important tool that should be introduced by all the organisations that uses the transportation facilities. This system therefore would lead to increase in revenue to the business authorities as it gives the access not only through the personal computers but also through the mobile applications which supports the information capturing from any location. The alerting system on the crucial situations helps the concerned authorities to be aware of the happening on the fuel of their fleet. This system is applicable not only to the moving assets but also for fixed assets like Genset which relay on fuel for its functioning.