August 27, 2016

Remote Asset Tracking and Monitoring System

Remote Asset Tracking System

The assets are the biggest source to manage the wide range of business operations. Every organisation cannot afford a separate man power in maintaining the assets. In order to have an eye on these assets the GPS encapsulated tracking system would be a great solution to monitor the assets functionalities from remote locations. The integration of these GPS enabled remote assets monitoring system aids to have the full control to the organisations so that they can take smart decisions. As a SAP partner we provide the solutions through which the organisations could use this system to effectively manage the varied assets of their business operations. This system is used to track and monitor both the fixed and moving assets of the organisation so that the business trends can be improved enormously. This system promotes for the single scalable view of the assets from any location.

In the developed countries like Qatar the business operations are to be managed in an organised format. Doha the business center consists of varied business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, petrochemicals, crude oil production etc which has large number of equipments in order to produce the valuable business outcomes. The maintenance of these assets stands at the top of all the basic requirements of the organisation. The fixed assets like machineries, Gensets etc and movable assets like car, trucks, and heavy transportation vehicles etc can be tracked and monitored through this GPS enabled remote asset monitoring system. The managing system makes the organised flow of business operations thereby saving time and effort.


The GPS enabled asset tracking system is a web based system that helps to identify the location of the assets on real time basis. This flexible system is initially fixed onto the assets that are to be monitored. Once after the successful installation the system starts tracking the activities of the assets. The system tells all the operations on real time that can be accessed at any time. The web based system captures and sends all the information to the host server that is incorporated to receive the reports.

In case of the fixed assets the monitoring device that is fitted onto it, gives the information updated. The overall control of the asset can be managed with the help of this solution so that the critical operations can be effectively managed. The system gives reports and collects the feedback based on which the improvement on managing these assets can be carried out to next level.


The remote asset tracking system benefits the following type of business organisations to promote their business ethics.

  • Transportation companies.
  • Organisations with heavy machineries.
  • Health care organisations.
  • Construction companies etc.

These businesses are associated with both movable and immovable assets whose monitoring helps to promote the business values among the competitive environment.


  • The system enhances the safety and security of the most valuable assets.
  • The maintenance can be enhanced so that the cause of repairing can be drastically reduced.
  • The automated reporting procedure helps to reduce the manual errors.
  • The position and the location of the assets can be easily managed.
  • The stock management can be easily done so that the production process can be increased based on demands.
  • The reliable solution solves the issues at the early stage minimizing the huge loss to the organisation.
  • Affordable to all the business solutions.
  • The auditing process can be managed in a simplified format.



The system gives a better solution to the organisation in monitoring the physical assets of the organisation. The solution helps the organisations to have a clear view on the behavior of the various assets of the business organisations. The monitoring system reduces the stress involved in managing as it helps to identify the business needs easily.


As this system helps in monitoring the every step of the asset operations, it greatly reduces the illegal activities like theft. The customised solution helps to prevent the loss associated with the assets. This system greatly encourages the business organisations to recover their stolen or missed assets easily increasing the revenue to their concern.


The system is provided in such a way that it is easy to use. This adaptable solution is interfaced in such a way that it is easily accessible, adaptable and best suited for the changing business scenarios.


The inventories of the organisation can be effectively managed through this system. The tags attached to the inventories help the inventory management authorities to easily identify the location of the inventories so that they can track the availability of the inventories easily and at the same time in faster rate.


The system helps to expand the communication among the departments and customers of the organisation. This system therefore communicates effectively so that the productivity can be increased in such a way that adds the fame and revenue to the organisation.


The system can be implemented in number of ways in order to safeguard the assets of the organisation at the reduced cost. The system gives the overall protection to the assets of the organisation increasing the productivity and efficiency of assets as well as employees.


The asset monitoring system keenly watches every movement of the asset so that it note down the operational activities in such a way that generates automatic records. These records are helpful in analyzing the performance of the assets and also to plan accordingly so that the business value can be taken to the next prior level. This process is used to schedule the business process in such a way to earn high Return on Investment (ROI).