August 27, 2016

Remote Generator Tracking and Monitoring System

Remote Generator Tracking System

The generators are considered to be an important asset of the organisation as it acts as the power source during electricity fluctuations. The tracking and monitoring of this prevails to be important, since these Gensets are placed at remote locations far away from industries main work place. In order to get proactive supply of performance through the Genset, the maintenance of this asset stands at the top so as to obtain optimum results. The organisations might think, is that an important task to be done? The monitoring says the answer through effectively managing its operations saying YES it is essential. The integration of this system stands as the solution to solve the issues related to effective functioning of the generators. The software solution allows the organisation to monitor the Gensets from remote locations through the Web based GPS system that tells the functioning of the generators to the host server. The vendors of this system are on the safer side in managing the Gensets of their organisation.

In the Gulf countries like Qatar the management of the Gensets acts as a primary goal since many of the industrial operations relies on the continuous power supply. In Doha, the main business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, crude oil production, petro chemicals, fertilizers manufacturing etc need the electricity for their varied business operations. The remote generator monitoring system acts as a reliable solution in monitoring the asset for 24/7. This system predicts when would the generators malfunctions or fails to do its operations. This system gives the whole control of generator management to the organisation as the historic reports sent by the GPS system helps them to take right decisions.


The working of the generator monitoring system is simple to analyze and grasp its functioning. The system provides unique solution in effective management of the generators during the critical situations. The GPS enabled Genset tracking system consists of a device that is fixed onto the generators. The system is integrated with the central web based host system that is used to receive the notifications and reports related to the working of these generators.  The system is indulged with the remote start and stop functions that allows the generators to be operated from remote locations. The system provides the accurate results for every movement of the asset. The system can be encapsulated with the mobile devices as the assured service can be noted instantly through mobile applications.

The remote monitoring system provides,

  • Access to the organisations Genset at any time so that productivity can be increased.
  • Reduces the labour cost so that the economy of the business concern can be raised.
  • The remote generator monitoring system reduces nearly 90% of the failures due to the man power carelessness.
  • The expensive loss of the organisations products can be minimized through this valuable solution since it detects the flaws during the early stage.
  • The security to manage the assets can be enhanced through this solution as it monitors the system for 24/7.
  • This affordable real time tracking system helps the organisations to attain continuous support as it helps to restore the operations whenever required.



The Genset monitoring system promotes for the start and stop operating of the generators from remote locations. This process saves the time as it reduces the manual intervention to operate the varied functionalities. This process allows for starting or stopping of the equipment during the critical situations immediately without time delay in functioning.


The GPS enabled system is easy to install and use. The system can be quickly installed into the generator to be monitored so that the real time tracking option gives better results. This customised solution guides the users in case of risk in usage or accessing, through simple tips providing that promotes for the easy accessing of the generators.


The system carefully monitors all the operations of the generator so that the reports are automatically generated into the host system thereby making the business entities to be aware of how their generators work. This universal system gives the report on varies basis like daily, weekly and monthly based on the user specification. The automated report gives relaxation and peace of mind to the users.


The system improves the performance of the generator thereby reducing the unwanted cost spent on its maintenance. The development of this system reduces the intrusion of illegal activities in such a way that it increases the energy consumption through the generators.


The system tracks and monitors the various activities of the generator through the GPS system that controls the activities based on satellite communication. The system sends all the required information through the satellite that revolves around the globe to the web based server in order to give efficient information to the users.


The system monitors and gives the alerts and notifications during the functioning as well as idle state of the Gensets. The system therefore gives out notifications during the start/stop; fuel level goes down, any faults in its operations to the reputed authorities so that they could take immediate actions.



The deployment of this system covers a wide range of areas on monitoring all the operations of the generator. The system gives assurance in proper functioning like the guidance of a powerful technician. It covers the all the standby activities through the direct link with the monitoring capabilities.


The main and the foremost task in the remote generator monitoring is the racking of fuel consumption. The system detects the level of fuel in the tank so that it monitors the gradual decrease when the generator starts running. The system helps to find not only the consumption of fuel but also alerts if the fuel level goes down in order to refill at the correct time stopping the engine to run out of fuel. The systems also note downs the leakage of the oil in order to reduce the revenue spent on fuel.


The predominant application takes care of the engine status so that the flaws in the functions of engine are rectified easily. The configured system helps the business analytics to make right decisions when there is any short circuit or other drawbacks related to the engine. The GPS enabled monitoring system avoids the logging of engine status.


The sensor attached to the device tells temperature availing in generator during the functioning so that it alerts the organisation authorities when the Genset runs with over heat. This is a main thing to be monitored since the increase in temperature leads to serious damage with high loss to the business concern.

Apart from these there are so many advantages of using this system as,

  • The theft and other illegal activities can be minimized.
  • The monitoring system does not need any investment on the infrastructure which makes it easy to adopt.
  • The system link to the success rate of the organisation as it helps to increase the productivity without break in power supply.
  • The risk of generator failure can be greatly cut down through this system.
  • The mobile based service applications alerts for the instant notification without time delay in processing.