August 27, 2016

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking system is a new approach to track the activities of the fleet through which the maintenance of the fleet can be improved. This process is set by indulging a GPS system through which the monitoring of the fleet can be effectively done. This real time tracking system helps the organisation to improve the performance of the fleet thereby increasing the number of customers. The system thereby saves time and money in organising the fleet activities to make the recognition of their organisation by expanding their business operations. The integration of this system into the organisation’s fleet helps them to reduce the stress on the transportation of their products by satisfying their customers.

In the developed country like Qatar, Doha has most of the business organisations like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, petro chemicals, crude oil production, fertilizers etc have to transport their finished goods to their customers. This GPS enabled vehicle tracking system is helpful to the varied organisations for the maintenance of the fleet. This surveillance system helps to monitor the fleet for 24/7 to plan the working of the fleet accordingly. This system gives the live updates from the location to the fleet performance enhancing the business opportunities.


  • To monitor the fleet on real time basis to increase the production through fleet.
  • The system is affordable and also increases the safety and security to the fleet performance.
  • The system is also suitable for the tracking of the personal fleet so that they can maintain the historic data about their travel.
  • This system gives alerts and notifications on every activity done on the fleet.
  • This system uses the mobile based, wireless and satellite tracking for monitoring their fleet activities.
  • The system promotes for the safe transportation of their products as it gives better navigation to reach the destination.
  • This system is used to reduce the idle time of the vehicles and utilize the fleet for effective service.
  • The reports on the vehicle performance are sent to the business owners instantly so that they can plan accordingly to improve operational hierarchy.
  • This system helps to have a better communication with the customers thereby improving the co-ordination with the customers to highlight market standards.
  • The report on the optimum utilization of the fleet helps the business authorities to schedule the tasks accordingly. The manual updations on the fleet based records can be reduced with this system.
  • The system also monitors the fuel in the fleet so that the amount spent on fuel can be minimized.
  • The system tells about the unauthorized usage of the fleet like driving beyond the stipulated direction, moving on over speed etc so that the driver performs obviously as per the company standards.
  • The stolen vehicles can be retrieved easily as it gives the historic and current location status of the fleet. The system also reduces the occurrence of accidents as it finds the route cause for every accident with the minute by minute tracking.



The system gives the real time visibility towards the activities of the vehicle so that the organisation gets the accurate details and can control the activities associated with the fleet maintenance. The system tracks the location of the vehicle wherever it may be through the wide number of satellite around the globe.


The system gives the organisation with the better option to set the location boundaries based on the destination place of the customers. Therefore this system gives an alert/notification to the business authorities when the vehicle goes beyond the set limit.


The system helps to maintain the end to end business process in such a way that it helps to organise the process associated with the fleet in such a way that encourages the business owners to use this centric approach for transportation of their products.


The automated system gives all the information to the centralized host system so that the organisation can access the required information at any time from any location through the mobile applications, personal computers in order to be updated.


The efficient vehicle management system helps the business owners to reduce the idle time of the vehicles so that the number of trips can be increased. The system also makes the business users to locate the fleet that is near to the customers to provide better service.

Benefits of VTS

  • The system gives the complete clarity about the distance travelled by the fleet on the real time scenarios.
  • The accessing through mobile applications helps to be updated on the every movement of the fleet.
  • The reports that are released on fleet operations help the organisation to increase the productivity in an enhanced manner.
  • The accessing through mobile applications helps the business users to promote their business values for long term policies.
  • The notifications sent as SMS/emails helps to understand the critical situations indulged with the vehicle processes.