August 27, 2016

iNexus Cloud ERP

INexus Cloud ERP Software

The iNexus cloud ERP is used to manage the entire operations of the business enterprises. This new generation software solution helps the business vendors to manage all their business operations in a single scalable approach making the business analytics to be upgraded to higher level among the competitors. The integration of iNexus can be made to the short business like workshop, retail etc, who cannot afford much to operate the activities of their concern. This ERP software solution manages all the operations from finance to sales and HR and logistics operations. This system helps to go on with the business process in an organized format. This iNexus cloud ERP is an own product of our Indus Novateur.

The Qatar has the highest economy of business reserves through which they stand as a developed nation in the world. The Doha capital of Qatar is considered to be the industrial area with the presence of all range of industries from small to big. The main business include petroleum, oil & gas, petro-chemicals, crude oil, construction, trading etc ranging from small level to higher end business processes. Every industry gets initiated from the bottom during which they cannot afford for expensive software products. In order to solve these aspects the iNexus cloud ERP gives a better experience to manage their business to come up faster in the competitive environment.

The Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) is a business management software application that is used to handle the distinct business activities. The ERP is an automated system that binds together all the important business operations under a single loop. The organized form of handling business operations helps the vendors to access the data at any time and any location since it is based on cloud storage.

ERP Software Development Company in Doha, Qatar.

Benefits of ERP


The first and the foremost advantage of using this system is that it is less expensive. This would be helpful to the small scale industries that try to manage their business operations at reduced cost. This system is cost effective yet powerful tool to enhance the business.


The system supports the business users by acknowledging them about the facts that prevails inside their organisation. This system helps the users at the time of issue providing them support to access the business data at all the time without break. The cloud ERP system also answers the queries by supporting the business users to activate their policies.


The ERP system provides the security to the data all the time so that the illegal usage of the business data cannot happen. This improves the consistent operations to be carried on with the system with high accuracy. The system all restricts the access by the other users through various security measures.


The repetitive process can be minimized in the ERP system so that the efficiency can be increased in such a way that it helps the organisation to make their business opportunities to become wider. This consistent method promotes for the business to be updated in its activities so that the productivity gets gradually increased.



The method through which the products can be delivered to the stipulated customers is called procurement. In general it means that exchange of products between two entities.

  • The information from product ordering to the delivery can be tracked easily through this system.
  • The system issues authentication to the customers to track their ordered products status.
  • The placement of the order can be done through various processes like quotation request to varied suppliers among which the best one can be picked out.
  • All the details from the business approach to delivery are maintained on the cloud database.
  • The secured system gives out results on material purchase whenever the information is required.


  • The data warehouse maintained through the cloud database gives all the details on the inventory available accurately.
  • This encyclopedic information tells the business people to be aware of the current purchase scenario so that the production can be increased.
  • This feature tells the organisation about their current status among the business community so that the management can resolve the issues.
  • The system records the every business operations that are being handled by the organisation.
  • The stock reconciliation on maintaining the stock availability and sold products can be tracked through this system.


  • The cloud ERP maintains the Bill on Materials (BOM) so that the product purchase can be noticed.
  • The WIP (Work in Process) of various products can be maintained so that it helps to brand their business values.
  • The reports are automatically generated for the availability of products, ongoing production etc in the cloud database to track the product details at any time.


  • This feature is used to communicate with the customers regarding the sales process directly.
  • This open network system to communicate with the customers helps the organisation to brand their products and increase the customer relationship for long time.
  • This system helps the sales community to promote their sales process earning good name with the best infrastructure.
  • The CRM maintains a separate database about the customers involved in sales with their organisation.


  • This feature would be particularly helping to the vehicle manufacturing sector.
  • This system provides the service regarding the vehicle based queries like the vehicle model, price, availability etc to the consumers to provide them with the clear idea on the vehicle.
  • The job cart option on this system helps to track the vehicle buyers in order to make it available on stock.
  • The feature tells the business authorities to acknowledge the consumers during the launch of new model so that they can take right decisions.


  • This system is used to handle project operations from requirement specification to the project completion to analyze business outcomes.
  • The system tells the project manager about the current status of the project so that they can adjust their schedule accordingly.
  • The cost estimation can be made for every module in order to make the system go in an organized format to deliver the project on time.


  • This feature is fully based on maintaining the database on the expiry data for passport, visa etc so that the concerned people can renew it.
  • The customized application tells the passengers about their quota and their ticket status.
  • The compensation salary and allowances for the leave can be calculated so that the gratuity can be calculated.


  • The statistical graph on the inventory can be managed through this cloud ERP.
  • The purchase ordering and their payments of receipts can be easily maintained.
  • The cloud infrastructure maintains the payback period of an investment so that the production and sales operations can be managed effectively.