August 27, 2016

Mobile App Development

Mobile Application Development

The mobile phones are becoming an important asset of every people. The development of varied mobile applications helps the users to make their life comfortable. The Qatar has the highest penetration towards smart phone users of around 75%.  The statistics says that nearly 45% of people use the internet at least once a day through their smart phone in order to have a look on the social media. This gave an idea that the business organisations can produce their own applications to expand their business trends. The mobile applications help the business owners to enlarge their business since the Qatar has the highest penetration towards the broadband usage. The introduction of these apps helps the customers to directly link with the business organisations.

The penetration towards mobile application usage helps the business authorities and customers to have a healthy bonding in such a way that it lead to the profitable growth of the organisation. Doha the capital of Qatar has the highest business platform with the industries like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, crude oil production, petro chemicals etc that range from small scale to large scale industries. The development of mobile apps for these businesses helps them to interact with the customers in such a way that makes industrial requirements to be fulfilled in order to develop their products promotion across worldwide. The SAP ERP aids in developing the business based mobile applications that help to manage the operations in and out of the business concern.

Features of Mobile Application Development

  • Simplifies the working of the users on business operations.
  • The performance of the organisation can be increased in such a way that makes the business operations to be aligned in a stipulated format.
  • The integration with the social media helps the business operations to be shared across multiple users so that the business gets enlarged.
  • The mobile apps give a distinct functionality to the users in such a way that they can track the number of users who are using their business applications.
  • The personalized options available on the mobile applications helps the users to format the solutions displays according to their customization so that it helps them to have good experience.
  • The filtering options are available on the mobile applications helps them to search for the relevant information.


The growing competition among the business makes the development of the mobile application based on ERP so that the functionalities could be improvised. The development of mobile applications helps them to promote for the higher customer satisfaction so that the growth of the business can be guaranteed.  The mobile ERP can be used by the organisations in order to store the varied activities of the business stage wise instead of using it fixed location computers. The transactional based operations can be easily carried out with the mobile application interface. The initiative towards mobile ERP helps the organization employees to check the status of the varied functionalities going on inside their organisation.

The ERP mobile applications can be used from the remote location which simply says that the employees can do their activities even if they are not in the right place. The remote access helps to empower the business functionalities. The mobile ERP helps to communicate and view the essential details with a single tap and swipe options. The customers on the other hand can view the complete profile of the organization so that the information makes them to do business deals with the organisation.

Some of the features and benefits of mobile ERP are,

  • The significant functionalities associated with the mobile applications make a difference in usage than PC and laptops.
  • The connectivity towards the industrial employees and customers helps for the smarter development of the business products. This connectivity helps to have an enhanced user experience.
  • The packaged applications provide security to the data in such a way that the third party cannot intrude the information.
  • The applications are provided for all mobile OS platforms such as Android, iOS and windows. These mobile applications are of user friendly interface thereby making them to stick on the organization’s products.


SAP mobile platform is an enterprise application platform that is designed to simplify the task of operating the various applications. The SAP mobile applications integrate the customers and organization people in such a way that they stay connected to manage the changing business trends. The on premise cloud platform on the SAP helps the users to view the information from even remote locale. The integration of these mobile applications helps the business owners to track the distinct functionalities of the employees belonging to the organisation. It simplifies the task of business management.

The SAP mobile applications are developed with the aim of reproducing the business operations in such a way that it spreads the name of the organization across the world so that the business opportunities can be maximized. The unified mobile application helps for the work flow management of the business processes. In the organisations point of view it helps to manage overall entities like finance, sales, marketing, and production to customer engagement to function on hand held devices. In the customers point of view it gives them a clear idea on what the business solutions are doing so that they can establish a deal with them to acquire their requirement.

Some of the important features and benefits of using the SAP mobile applications are described as follows,

  • The fast access to the various details of the organisation products helps the customers to take quick decisions through which the customer service related solutions can be easily managed.
  • The feedback collected from the customers experience through the direct interaction helps the organization to analyze the area of improvement.
  • The automated solution establishes the communication among the team members so that effective productivity is made possible.
  • The optimized solution accelerates the user experience in such a way that makes them to transform to the enterprise mobility functionalities.