August 27, 2016

Andriod App Development

Android Application Development

The Android is the mobile operating system which is developed by Google based on the Linux platform for the touch interface mobile platforms. The integration of the SAP mobile applications helps the business organisations to promote their business values. The vendors of the SAP mobile applications are highly benefited in bringing together the wide spread business scenarios. The SAP mobile application on Android helps to interface the customers in large number so that the business enhancements could be made possible. The open platform makes the efficient branding of the business products. The usability of Android applications is focused on establishing a loyal relationship between the business organisations and customers. The hands on experience provided through the mobile applications promotes for the engagement of more number of customers. The business to business operations are effectively managed through this solution.  The easy to use mobile framework helps the smart phone users to use these SAP applications to handle business deals.

As the Android mobile users are increasing day by day the development of business applications stands as a prior importance. The Doha which is the industrial hub of Qatar consists of businesses like petroleum, oil & gas, petro-chemicals, crude oil production, fertilizers, construction etc have large number of employees to make the business activities. Due to the presence of huge number of employees the communication establishment among them would be a difficult situation for which the SAP android app would be helpful. On considering the customers, the Android application helps them to analyze and predict the business operations in order to make investment.

The attractive features of the Android Operating System,

  • The designing framework of the Android is made in such a way that gives the flexibility access the application.
  • The open source platform is integrated with the web platform that allows the application developers to modify according their specifications.
  • The battery rate is enhanced in such a way that performs well for long time and the charging takes less time.
  • The instant notifications for the every action carried out by the user.
  • The smart lock activities help to keep the information on the device in secured manner.



  • The SAP solutions on mobile interface connect all the business employees together so that the productivity can be increased in such a way that they can cross the challenges quite easily. The connectivity thereby makes the business authorities to discuss effectively on the area of improvement.
  • The SAP Solutions for the customers helps them to directly post their queries to the business sales team so that they can have a look on their obligations and respond better so that the customers get clear visibility on what action to be taken.


The integration of the business process products into mobile applications helps the organisation to focus more towards the sales scenario. The clarity towards the products of the organisation helps the clients to buy the products. This process adds the value to the sales team through the selling of more products.


The mobile application promotes for the issuing of sales documents on the completion of every transactions. The documents can be created, viewed and updated by the sales team is available to organisation people so that they can view the quotations and pass the approval to expand business opportunities.


The information on the various inventories available is previewed with the product description, price, and stock availability in the market, customer feedback and ratings to get an idea of about the product.


  • In the business point of view, the business authorities get the instant notification on the adding of new features, completion of production, and other related business information so that the business efficiency can be increased.
  • In the customer’s point of view, the customers get the notification on the addition of new product, the status regarding the shipment of their ordered product so that they stay updated.


The various sales activities can be scheduled to promote the sales of the organization. The employees of the organization can schedule their tasks in an organised format that helps them to do their task based on that format. It helps to update new activities and manipulate the existing one so that the employees can do their task correctly. This synchronization improvises the method of handling the business process.


The mobile applications can be synchronized with the warehouse of the organisation so that the system provides the easiest solution to monitor the stock availability of varied products. This continuous monitoring helps to be aware of the product availability so that production can be scrutinized based on demands.


The customised mobile applications give guidance to the users in such a way that the specifications can be set according to the user preferences. The internal setting can be adjusted based on the preference of the user so that the users can experience the real world scenarios easily.


The statement is automatically generated and the alert is being sent to the users for every transactions. It can be useful for the auditing purposes since it gives the accurate information. The statements can be analyzed so that the concerned authorities can update their report on the app.


The updations or the addition of new features can be easily done on the system so that the users can view through it easily thereby having the more customised approach towards the products interfaces. The exploration of industries updated portfolio can be viewed easily.