August 27, 2016

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

SAP Business One (B1) is business management software that integrates all the business operations. This system is introduced mainly to benefit the Small to medium enterprises (SME’S) to manage their specific obligations. The browser based access in SAP Business One helps the vendors to use the system from any location. AS a SAP B1 company we provide the solution to operate the functions through single-integrated software applications. The integrated platform mitigates all the critical business operations with the accurate updations of every data. This software solution promotes for the instant access to the information that is required to them. This system helps to accelerate the business opportunities in the digital environment. The solution is fully customised with the motive to support for the changing business scenarios.

Doha which is known as the industrial hub of Qatar consists of main businesses like petroleum, oil & gas, petro chemicals, construction, crude oil production, fertilizers, steel reinforcement etc strives hard to grade the nation’s economic position. In order to do this the business management software should be optimum to activate the business operations easily and efficiently. The SAP Business One could be the right choice for these industries to manage these business operations. The solution is affordable to small and mid-sized industries that do not get single software quite often.

Why SAP Business One should be implemented in the organisation

  • It is a powerful application to streamline all the business operations of an organisation.
  • The system follows a set of rules that process the user request faster.
  • This user friendly application can be used by all the people to get instant notification about the business process.
  • The data are stored in SAP HANA is incorporated for cloud storage for secured access to the data. This system also enables to view the data from any location.
  • The alerts and notifications on the work flow manage the production process of the industry.


The business areas covered by SAP Business one is as follows,

  • Financial and Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Planning for production
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Sales and inventory delivery
  • Administration
  • Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management

All these business functionalities can be operated through this single software solution. The SAP Solution is considered to be different to handle all the business operations at an affordable cost.



The SAP B1 acts a distinct solution to solve the critical problems of an organisation in order to make their functionalities work easily.

The software solution enhances the business solutions in an ordered format making the business process to go in an organised format

The precised solution gives updated information about the business changes instantly for easy accessing.


The integration of SAP B1 makes the end to end processing of the business operations in unique way to do their predominant activities.

Through this process the budgeting process can be implemented with highly calculative manner to balance the company’s economy

The Business to Business process can be effectively managed through this collaborative solution of SAP.


As this software gives the information accurately as and when the situation changes it helps the business authorities to make decisions easily.

The decisions are quite different as it is predictable about the different segments that changes as per the certain norms.

This updated information helps to take decisions easily thereby saving the time and money of the organisation.


SAP B1 gives out solution to varied business process within short span of time thereby making the customers to approach these industries to get their products.

The distinct solutions increase the productivity and efficiency of the organisation thereby helping the business organisation to connect to their customers easily.

B1 is mainly suited for small and mid-sized industries, through which the pride of the organisation can be increased to become the competitor with other industries.


The small and the medium industries are benefited a lot through this software application. This system is cost effective to the organisations who cannot afford much on the business management process. This single integrated solution helps them to manage all the comprehensive business process management.


Increased capabilities

The SAP B1 implemented companies are benefited in one or the other way. The system increases the capability to produce the quality products to the customers in the way of improving the company standards. The automated process updates all the information during every change that is made to enhance business opportunities.


The reporting tool available on SAP B1 helps to track the business transactions easily as it reports every transaction made by the organisation with detailed processing. This tracking process makes the visibility towards the business operations to earn high revenue.

Customer relationship

The system communicates with the customer in a distinct format thereby they insists the organisation to continue their business deals. This form of support provided through SAP B1 helps the customers to know how the production process is going on for their orders.

Accelerated support

The system empowers the support to the organisation in issuing the results to the specific requirements. This accelerated process makes the business deals to be delivered on time without being focused to irrelevant process.


The software solution paves way to change the process according to changing aspects of the business scenarios. This change-over helps them to promote the organisation to next higher level thereby increasing its productivity.


The customised solutions of SAP B1 support for the queries and process them quickly. The exceptional solutions provided through this software product helps the business authorities to analyze the accurate changes to be made by them.

Secured Data Processing

The storage of B1 is based on SAP HANA which stores the data on the cloud so that the data can be processed at any time and any where promoting the business operations to be handled easily. This system helps to monitor and explore the solutions faster and easily.