August 27, 2016

SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Customers

The SAP Cloud for Customers is a specific software solution that is designed mainly to solve the customer related problems. The integration of C4C helps to communicate with the customers effectively thereby making the business operations to be handled effectively. This communication helps the sales team to provide better sales graph in their organisation with increased number of customers. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps to promote the business process in an enhanced format making the organisation to spread their products. This solution is provided in multi-lingual languages thereby providing the solution to language difficulties. The C4C uses the cloud platform to collaborate the varied business activities. The system is used to provide the complete information making the enterprise to be customer-centric in providing uplifted services. The sales organisation can feed the important sales related activities thereby it helps to find and follow the customers engaged with the sales of the organisation. The C4C consists of mobile applications that are robust in engaging the interface with the customers. These applications are complete, connected and simple way to get connected with the people.

The customer satisfaction is the important functionality to be handled by business operations. In Qatar most of industries are engaged to provide customer satisfied products. The Doha known to be as industrial district consists of business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, crude oil production, fertilizer manufacturing, trading companies etc communicate with their customers to sell their finished goods. The services should be highlighted in such a way that the customers would come back to continue the business relationship with the organisation. The software solution helps the companies to interact with their customers fastly and do the needful to them. The SAP HANA platform is a cloud platform that is used to engage with the customers at any time.

The three important capabilities of Cloud for Customers are,

  • Sales
  • Services
  • Social engagement

Apart from these three some pre packaged applications are available to manage the business sales process in a customised approach.

What we provide on C4C?

As the SAP solution provider our company helps our customers to manage their CRM effectively through a unified software package. The integration of this system helps them to do their trading process to actively engage with their customers.

The system gives the details regarding the customers on their name, their background, what products they prefer etc, through which analysis can be made to know their demands.

In the customers point of view the C4C gives the details regarding product, companies description, business handled by them etc through the cloud data accessing. This system promotes for to have healthy relationship between the customers and organisation.


Real time processing

The system promotes to access the data on the real time so that the customers get the exact details that are required to them. This visible software system helps to engage the customer’s service for 24/7.

Contact management

The solution helps the organisation to maintain the contact details of the customers for the current and past customer who made business deals with the organisation.

Digital engagement

The C4C in the digital form helps for the healthy environment between the client and organisation. The system helps to take decisions easily as it directly communicates with the customer obligations. The system keeps them connected from the ordering to the issuing of the product requested by the customers.

Priority management  

The system helps to gather the valuable customers for their organisation through various social media, email, phone call etc to maintain the history of customers like their name, contact numbers, preferable products of them etc., to track for future.

Increments opportunity

The end to end sales process makes the business management to be handled efficiently increasing the opportunity to sales of the varied company’s products.  This system helps to increase the sales revenue through sufficient analysis on the user requirements. This system helps for better planning to sell their organisations products by predictive analysis.

Reduced cost

The solution to service customers is provided at the affordable cost to the customers thereby increasing the pride of the organisation. The cloud storage keeps the data secured by reducing the maintenance cost. The system reduces the manual errors made during the entry of the details.

Secured Access

The system provides access to the stipulated details at any time and any where through cloud storage making the users to read only the accurate details without any cross links. The details of the customers are protected by restriction to third party intruders.


The automated system gives the report for every order transaction. It also keeps the details of business process on serving customers query so that the organisation can note what the most are frequently asked queries by the customers. Through this method the business concern can concentrate on what branding they should do to upgrade their organisation’s products.