August 27, 2016



SAP HANA is an in-memory platform that is used to store the data in the RAM instead of hard disk. This cloud platform is useful for accessing the data from any location whenever needed as it is a web based system. The integration of this system helps the organisation to manage their database effectively. The SAP HANA acts like a foundation on which all the data needs can be managed. The various analytical operations can be carried out through this HANA due to the data storage in the relational column oriented data mart platform. The vendors of this system are benefited in effective management of the database. The SAP HANA can be used across varied platforms with the central web based server.  The High Performance Analytical Appliance allows the technical users to manage the data models through variety of authorizations helping them to create new or alter existing data models.

On considering the Gulf countries the Qatar is said to be the richest place to live in with more number of businesses pertaining in Doha. For these business organisations the maintenance of database stands at the top in maintaining business operations. The business like petroleum, oil & gas, construction, crude oil production, fertilizers, petro-chemicals etc have the large of database to be maintained. The solution provided through SAP HANA makes the business owners to release the tension pertained through database management. This modern platform is used to organize the real time data analytics.


The SAP HANA consists of the software underlying platform that is used to integrate the entire business operations on a single database. This system gets connected with the database through which the internal and external database operations can be handled with abundant time saving scenario. The working of HANA just needs the internet connection through which it gets all the data to be stored on it. The system inherits the data in such a way that the user don’t have to wait for data. The in-memory light weight component platform combines with the ACID components in order to function the database operations that are designed to work out and produce the results for transaction DB, reporting DB, storage etc in support with the changing business environment.



The system supports for the fast data accessing through which the entire database operations can be handled in such a way that no risk involves in retrieving the data from the cloud platform. This enhanced system helps the users to obtain the results easily due to relational database.


The system is used to capture all the data from various sources thereby allowing it collect data from many sources in order to give better working environment. The system allows knowing about the emerging threats that may occur to the database handling.


The HANA collects the information about most frequently accessed data so that the graph can be drawn to show the status of the data accessed by the users. Through this predictive system it keeps the frequent data on the queue making the users to capture the required information easily.


The data processing can be done faster and secured in such a way that it promotes for the cyber security of the database. The system promotes for the encryption of data in such a way that the data administration can be handled effectively. This integration of security infrastructure helps the users to enable configured data administration.


The data recovery can be made easily through which the service levels of the database are highlighted. The data backup and restoring is enlarged through this cloud storage on HANA thereby making the data mirroring to be available for accessing any time.


The system supports for the series data processing in which it looks after the data over a time period saving time and money. This system helps to store and search the data faster based on time series application to retrieve large amount of quality data.



The system is real time for processing of the data. The encapsulated system helps the cloud storage database to access the data instantly without time delay making the business owners to work efficiently. This particular system has the distinct capability to restore all the data under a single storage platform thereby making the users to feel comfortable in storing and retrieving data as it filters the irrelevant data before displaying the user queries.


The reporting process in SAP HANA gives the details all about the featured access by the business authorities. It gives out detailed report on what are the most frequently accessed data, what type of data are recovered, who accessed the data and many more to acknowledge the business entities in data.


As this system gives out results without time delay it helps the users to increase the productivity thereby making the business users to get high Return on Investment. This system makes the efficient route planning on data access building new applications on enterprise products.


The HANA is simple and affordable to the users who are using it. This indulges all the business process in a cost-effective approach integrating all the functionalities together. This system makes the business ecosystem to go in an organized format helping the business people to take effective decisions.


The customer support application helps the users to obtain the results easily so that the risk involved in maintaining the database becomes easier. This reduced complexity helps to render the varied applications easily.