October 27, 2016



SAP R/3 is a new form of software package that is designed to benefit the large enterprise requirements. This software solution looks after all the business modules in such a way that does the process in an automated method without any disruptions. This versatile system works on different platforms to produce the expected results. This customized solution works in a distinguished method that connects the entire client server processing at a single point. Implementation of this system is forceful to all the industries that wish to handle business operations. This system builds the business entities together in such a way that engineers the business process easily. The assistance provided by this system makes the business management to be carried out easily.

The individual requirements and specifications of the customers can be clarified easily with this software system. In Qatar, Doha is said to be the industrial hub around which the main businesses like petroleum, oil & gas, crude oil production, fertilizers, petro chemicals, construction etc deals with large number of business operations. The structural arrangement of this software solution makes the data available all the time to the business users through which the enhancements can be derived. This real time system helps to solve the mission critical problems associated with the business organisation.

Some of the features of SAP R/3 system

  • Accurate and timely information will be provided to the users as and when they post the queries on the software application.
  • The implementation of R3 system increases the productivity thereby enhancing the business opportunities.
  • The real time system consists of client server architecture around which the business analytics gets executed. The three tired architecture forms the whole structure around which the processing gets takes place.
  • The extensive graphical user interface provides the system architecture that spreads the communication easily among the end users of business operations.
  • SAP records all the business transactions that would be helpful to do the auditing of cash flow and work flow on various situations so that the organisation managers can think deeply on how to effectively improve their performance.
  • The global system can be spread across all the branches of the organisation to have effective communication among the enterprises thereby accelerating the business components working methodology.
  • The R3 system supports all the fields of the business resources that the liable system improves the efficiency and makes the processing easily.
  • The R3 system helps to manage the risk in such a way that gives clear visibility towards all the happenings in the business on day to day environment.
  • R3 system combines all resources with a single structure without having any subsystems. This feature enhances the business process to reach higher position in competitive environment.

Client-server architectural model

The Real time three tier system consists of client and server that give secured access towards the business processes. There three most important layers forms the communication between the client and server. The layers include presentation layer, application layer and database layer.


  • The presentation layer acts the user interface layer on which the requests of the end users of R3 get placed.
  • This layer accepts the user inputs and sends it to the application layer that processes the requests and gives the result back to the presentation layer for user viewing.
  • This GUI layer acts as the intermediate on which the application and database layer gets connected to process the queries of the end users.
  • It simply transforms the information from one point to other to produce end user requirements.


  • The work process of the end user specifications gets takes place in the application layer. This layer extracts the data from the database layer and does the processing.
  • Once if the processing gets completed then the end result will be successfully dispatched to the users who are in need of that data.
  • The application layer does the work process in a format of First in First out (FIFO) concept therefore avoiding the collisions and errors in handling large requests.
  • The application layer consists of buffer that stores the data temporarily that is required immediately during the processing.


  • The database server consists of all the data of the organisation based on which the user requests will be processed since all the data of SAP ERP gets stored here.
  • Database layer has the capability to store any type of data onto the system through which huge number of data can be accessed at any time from remote locations through HANA.
  • The simpler system works in an efficient methodology in the client server architecture on which the collection and execution of data gets takes place.
  • The high end database layer takes care of the information using various storage techniques upon which the application layer fetches the data and displays the result to end users through presentation layer.


  • The SAP R3 system covers all the important modules of the organisation from finance and accounting, sales, marketing, quality management, material management, production planning, HR management to establishing customer relationships.
  • The R3 system consists of mobile applications that aid the users to actively perform their work even from remote locations. Since the HANA has centralised data storage it helps the users to fetch the data at any time.
  • The implementation of this technical infrastructure gives a different direction in monitoring and controlling of wide spread business activities.
  • Reports issued by the R3 system helps the business managers to audit their business process flow so that improvements can be done to attain highly profitable position in competitive environment.
  • The enhanced security system works definitely in such a way that does not allow for the third party people to access the important data. The viewable status can be fixed by the business owners so that accessibility can be fixed.
  • The scalable solution reflects the data that is being entered at any one of the modules. This shows the inter operability environment on which the data from any modules gets easily accessed.